January 9, 2021

Dave joins Carolyn Mark's virtual hootenany

Dave joins a talented gang on Sunday, Jan. 10 as part of Carolyn Mark's popular virtual hootenany.

If you haven't yet discovered Carolyn yet, she's an alt-country sparkplug based on the West Coast. Her weekly hootenany features an array of performers that share a love for roots music and musical values. She's calling the Jan. 10 session "The Dave Clark(e) Edition" and it features three (not five) Dave C's, including this one.

Look for this Dave to chime in early in the "hoot," around 7:30 Eastern, but everyone plays a three-song set, so you won't want to be late.

Carolyn Mark's Virtual Hootenany starts at 7:15 Eastern. Here's how you can listen:



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