April 13, 2024

Musical friends together again

It was great to see David Francey and his fabulous band – Chris Murphy and Jess Wedden – at the Chalet Bellevue in Morin Heights Friday, April 12. It was great to be able to join David, a longtime musical friend and former touring mate, on stage for two of the songs from his Juno-winning album The Breath Between. Some highlights for me: the title track of that great new album and some of our old favourites, including Hard Steel Mill, Paper Boy and Borderline – and of course, four-part harmony versions of Torn Screen Door and Red-Winged Blackbird from back in our early days.
Thanks, David, for the music and the friendship, and to Chris and Jess for welcoming me on board. Thanks too to SuperFolk Morin-Heights, the presenter of the concert and the best thing to happen musically to that community in a long time. You can check out their programming here.

You can see David with Chris and Jess in St-Damien-Buckland, QC, tonight and in Fredericton, N.B., on May 1. Don't miss them if they come through your town. 
Here are some more photos from Morin Heights. 











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