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About Guitar Songs

Daveís much-anticipated debut album, Guitar Songs, was released in late 2002 to rave reviews in the Montreal press and elsewhere.

Folk maven, DJ and writer Mike Regenstreif called it "an exquisitely executed collection of original solo instrumentals from a Montreal master of the acoustic guitar" when he reviewed it for the Montreal Gazette, and material from the album has been greeted warmly in centres as diverse as Anchorage, Alaska, and San Diego, California.

Guitar Songs was recorded in Montreal in spring 2002 in Dave's home studio. The album features 12 original guitar instrumentals that show off his lyrical melodies and his unique blend of folk, bluegrass and Celtic sensibilities.

Fans of Daveís guitar work with Steel Rail and David Francey will find many of the same musical values on this solo guitar album. The album ranges from a Celtic-tinged lament -- The Parting -- to a bluegrassy romp called Fraserís Falls. 

Guitar Songs was recorded direct to disk to capture the pure guitar sound without artificial reverb or overdubbing. The resulting album makes you feel that Dave is sitting next to you, flooding the room with the full, warm sound of his venerable 1938 Martin D-18.

Availability: Guitar Songs was  released nationally in Canada in late 2002. It's distributed in Canada by Festival Distribution and should be in record stores in major Canadian centres now. If you're having trouble finding it, here are three ways to order it:

  1. You can order direct from the Steel Rail (Crossties Music) Order page.
  2. You can order at Festival's toll-free number, 1-800-633-8282,  from anywhere in North America.
  3. You can visit and order from one of the online retailers below, by clicking on a logo:


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Guitar Songs Track List  (Crossties CD 1003)    




 1.    October (4:02)    7.    The Road Home (3:54)
     2.    Paper Girl (3:07)   8.    Flow Like a River (3:49)
 3.    Late Bloomer (2:37)      9.    The Parting (2:40)
  4.    Monkstown Road (2:22)   10.    Fraser's Falls (3:30)
    5.    Stone House (4:34)    11.    The Quest (4:21)
 6.    Deep Blue Dreams (2:53)    12.    Close Your Eyes (3:07)
All compositions © 2002 Dave Clarke (SOCAN)